The Easiest Blog for Missionaries – No Geeky Required!

It’s as simple as sending an email! Just sign up and we’ll quickly set up your missionary’s blog so you can share their letters with friends and family. A simple email will put your missionary’s latest letter and pictures on your site. And your friends and family will get an email about new letters. When their mission is over, we will send you a Word doc with all letters and pictures – absolutely free!

Plus, you can get an optional hard-bound mission book of your missionary’s letters. We will even ‘catch up’ the letters even if your missionary has already started serving. It’s all so easy – sign up, and then email your missionary’s letters. That’s all!

All of that without any of the geeky!

Your missionary’s site will be ready to go
the same day – or sooner!
Without Any Geeky!

We’ll do all of the geeky stuff
so you can concentrate on your missionary!

Get started now! It’s fast and easy. Got any questions? Let us know!

the Team


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