Here’s How It All Works

We provide an easy way for you to share your missionary letters and pictures on your missionary’s own web site.

It’s as easy as sending an email!

Copy your missionary’s letter into an email, enter the subject, then email it to your site. Add some pictures, as many as you want. Or your missionary can send their letter directly to their blog. It’s that easy! No geeky required!

Share as much info from your missionary as you want!

You can have as many letters and pictures as you want. Each letter  is displayed with the most recent at the top.

Your site will look good and be easy to read on all devices

All designs are fully ‘responsive’, which means that your missionary’s letters are easily read on any device: a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Mission Already Started? – No Problem!

If your missionary has already started serving, we can still build your site. And we can include the emails already sent, so the site will have a complete record of your missionary’s service. And no extra charges! “Catch-up” available all plans!

The cost is very reasonable: just a one-time charge for the entire mission

Just one low payment – for the entire length of your missionary’s service (and as long as you need it after the great homecoming day)!

30-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

Try it out for a month – we’ll cheerfully refund your payment in full if you decide to discontinue.

 Let others comment on your missionary letters, or don’t allow comments

You can decide if you want to allow comments on any letter, which are displayed for all to see. You can ‘monitor’ comments, approving them, or edit or delete any comments.

You decide what is posted, and how it looks!

You have full control over everything. You can decide on the design (and change it at any time). You easily share your missionary’s letters and pictures.

You can use your own domain name 

If you want your own domain name, we can help you set that up. Or you can use our domain name – so the address of your missionary’s pages will be similar to . (Premium plan only, domain cost extra; we’ll do all the geeky stuff.)

Share your missionary’s pre- and post-mission activities

Your missionary’s posts will be available for a two-year period (longer if you need it). That allows you to share things as you prepare your missionary for their service, plus enough time to “Report Back”. (We’re really flexible about how long your site will be available.)

Get a bound book of all your missionary’s posts at the end of their mission

If you want, we’ll combine all of your posts into a Mission Book at the end of their mission (additional cost). We’ll build the book using your entries and pictures, and print it in a quality hard-bound book. You can make copies for your whole family and your friends. It’s a great keepsake for your missionary and to share with your extended family. (More details here.)

Your posts are safe from damage

All of your information is backed up daily for safety. And the site gets all updates daily, so no worries about ‘bad’ pages.

Get started now!

Start saving – and sharing – your missionary’s memories! Get started now, and be ready to go in under an hour! Without any geeky stuff!

If you have any questions, just Contact Us. We’re here to help! – the Team

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