Add Letters via Email

It’s really easy to add a letter to your missionary’s blog. It’s all done with a simple email.

We created a special email address to send your letter. The email is just for you to use.

Then all you have to do are these easy steps to post your missionary’s letter:

  1. Create an new email (don’t use ‘Forward’), just like you do any other email. The ‘to’ should be that special email address that we have previously arranged.
  2. In the email “Subject”, enter the title for the post; whatever you want it to be.
  3. In the “Message” area of the email, paste in your missionary’s letter (from their email), or type in whatever you want.
  4. If you want to add pictures, you can just attach them to the email as an attachment. Note that you may need to ‘compress’ pictures to a smaller file size.
  5. Send it!

Within about 30 minutes, your email will be added as the latest post on your missionary’s site. Any pictures that you attached will be shown after the letter’s message. The first image will also be at the beginning of the letter.

If you have signed up (‘Subscribed’), you’ll get an email about the new letter on you missionary’s site.

That’s it!  Easy-peasy!  No geeky required!

Just remember:

  1. Don’t share the special email address with anyone else. For instance, don’t use it in any other emails that you send out. We don’t want to share it with anyone!
  2. We’ll set it up so only specific email addresses (yours) can post things. Let us know if you want to add others to the authorized list.
  3. If an unauthorized person tries to send a post to that special email address, they will get rejected (and you’ll get an email about that rejection).

Some hints:

  1. Make sure that you don’t “Forward”; use copy/paste into a new email. “Forwarding” puts some extra stuff on the letter.
  2. When you include pictures, make them ‘attachments’ to the email, rather than putting the picture in the middle of the text.
  3. See the Pictures and Captions page for additional ways to add pictures, including adding a caption to the picture.
  4. Add blank lines between paragraphs makes the letters more readable. (Some missionaries like to write one huge paragraph.)

If you have any problems, just Contact Us.

Thanks!  The Team


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