Additional Services

We’re here to help you make your missionary’s site look just the way you want it. Here are some additional services that are available. Contact us for details on these options.

  • Missionary Book: at the end of your missionary’s service, we’ll gather all of your posts and pictures and assemble them into a single Word document, including pictures. This is a new free service!
  • Optional Missionary Book: We can convert all of the letters and pictures into a hardbound book. You can even have a picture of your choice on the cover. We’ll print as many as you want, and give you access to the printing place if you need additional copies later on. The cost depends on the number of pages in your book, any additional pictures or information you want to include, and the number of books. This is a great way to remember your missionary’s service for years to come! Read more about it here.
  • Site header images: we will build one header image (the picture that is on the top of all pages) at no additional cost. We’ll use the missionary’s “head shot” that you send us, and a picture from their mission – or any other picture that you want to include. That first picture is included as part of our service for any of the plans. Additional header images can be made at any time; the cost depends on the work and complexity of the picture. (Simple changes are no-charge; we’ll let you know before we start.)
  • Site theme modifications: if you want us to ‘tweak’ how the site looks, we can easily do that. Colors, spacing, pictures, whatever. The cost depends on the amount of work; minimum charge is $20 per ‘tweak session’ (the list of things you want changed); additional cost depends on the complexity of your tweak list. (We’re really flexible on what consists of a ‘tweak session’.)
  • Your own domain name (new name): if you want to use your own domain name for your site, instead of something like , we can help with that as part of the Premium plan. Minimum charge is $30 (for two years of registration), and includes all the geeky stuff that needs to be done to get it to work. The domain will be registered in your name, with us as the technical contact. At the end of your missionary’s service, we will transfer the domain name to a domain registrar (an account of your choice), or you can let the registration lapse. Or, you can purchase and register the domain name.  We will implement it as part of the “Premium” plan (if you are on a different plan, the cost will be the difference in plan costs).
  • Your own domain name (existing that you own): if you already own a domain name, and want your missionary site to be a part of that (as in, we can help with that. Since there is geeky stuff involved, the cost depends on the domain registrar that you are using. At the end of your missionary’s service, we will help with the geeky stuff involved. We’ll estimate the costs depending on the details.
  • Upgrading your plan. If you decide that you want the additional features of another plan, the charge is just the difference between the current plan costs (not prorated).
  • Moving the site to your hosting place: After your missionary’s service is completed, we can help move the entire site (content, themes, etc) to a hosting place you own. The cost depends on the amount of geeky stuff involved in the move; minimum cost is $35.
  • Other Services: we’ll try to do just about anything you can think of. We know how to do the geeky stuff. We’ll even build web sites for any purpose. Let us know what you are thinking of doing; we can probably help you do it.

If you are interested in any of these additional services, please contact us so we can hammer out the details and costs involved.

Thanks!  The Team

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