Best Practices for Letters

Here’s some helpful hints for your missionary’s blog.

  • Missionaries love to get letters and packages. But the safety of the missionary is also a good thing. Use the missionary’s mission address for letters and packages. That keeps their residence address private. You can share the private address with trusted friends and family. Have your missionary ask their mission president for the best address to use on their blog.
  • Missionaries should strive to protect the privacy of their contacts – potential converts and members. Best practice is to use their first initial. You don’t want to share the personal struggles of the people your missionary contacts.
  • Don’t post negative experiences from your missionary -or negative things about their companion or contacts or members.
  • Don’t post specific plans for your missionary. Generalize locations and places to keep everyone safe.
  • Have your missionary ask their mission president about packages – and the best things to put in packages (along with things to avoid). We want to make sure that your missionary keeps focused on their work.
  • Share your missionaries successes – they will inspire others.

Thanks for using – the Team


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