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Letters from our missionary in the Czech/Slovak Mission

Puppies Cherry & Popsicles


Well this week was full of MIRACLES! Crazy huh?? But really, GOD IS REAL!
So this week we had an awesome training in Brno and it was a very inspired
meeting. We came back home and decided to put our commitments to the test.
We talked about how to see a miracle. We truly can pull them down from
heaven through some simple steps:

1. Think of a miracle
2. Ask of God
3. Make a sacrifice, tell Him what you will do to see this happen
4. Expect a miracle, have faith
5. Except the miracle with gratitude

Now I was talking with my companion about this and I shared how I thought
that miracles may not come exactly when we want them, but I know that they
will. God has perfect timing. We were very lucky the next day though, we
showed our faithfulness and saw our miracle come to pass! Sister Ludlow and
I prayed and prayed and prayed. Who to talk to, where to go, when to go,
which way to follow, what to say. We put our trust in the Spirit. And guess
what, we prayed to share a message about prayer with someone and that is
exactly what we did! The last person we talked to when the chances were
slimming. It was amazing and we are setting up to meet with them!

On Saturday we decided to go do some service trackting. We changed into our
jeans and tshirts, which is wayyyy weird and went around our neighborhood
asking if we could help in peoples gardens. Many said no, but then we saw a
man hedging his front bush, and we were like oh man there is our
opportunity! So we approach him with smiling faces and he declines. I was
pretty said and we ended up turning the other way than we had planned. But
because of that we had three miracles happen. One house told us that we
could return and share with them the gospel, another said that we could
come back and do some service, and then the last one was a huge blessing.
We knocked and no one answered. I was about to leave when my companion said
wait I think I hear someone. Then the door opens and a dog runs out. Woo!
Haha we meet the sweetest 81 year old catholic grandma. We ask her if there
is anything that we can help her with and she said that she would be sooo
happy if we could help her. She invited us in and we sat down with some
water and got to know both her and her adorable dog, who gave us lots of
wet little kisses, dont worry it is just a sweet little dog:) we got to
know her and talked about the power of God and blessings in our lives. She
brought us out strawberry popsicles and then let us pick some cherries in
her garden. She told us that we could come back anytime and help her out.
She told us that she was so grateful that we came to her.

I know that our paths are inspired and that God loves and cares for us. He
placed us in the paths of these people and them in ours. I am eternally
grateful for His love and the joy that we can find in life.

I read this scripture during morning study, it is in 1 Nephi 7

11 Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten what great things the Lord
hath done for us, in delivering us out of the hands of Laban, and also that
we should obtain the record?

12 Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do
all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that
they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him.

I know that if we do not forget the Lord and we exercise our faith
according to His will, we WILL OBTAIN! Nephi was a very good example of

Thank you for your prayers and support, I love serving the Lord!!

Have a fabulous week!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Sestra Ludlow a Ja twinning at training*
*Cherries!! Czechs loveee cherries and they have them everywhere!*
*Also they really like putting eggs on pizza*

že v nebi Otce mám


This week was full of a lot of different experiences. I am learning so much
each day simply about life. How much every action matters and every thought
counts. That we need to strive to be loving, and that as we do so, we will
experience the best kind of happiness. I am also learning to go with the
flow and to try and make the best of every situation, which is a good thing
to do too!

So we had a little bit of nice fun time playing beach volley ball with some
English teachers, it was good to get out in the sun and get to know people.
The Czechs are amazing people and so fun to be around! That same night we
visited an investigator who we have not seen in a little while. We helped
her daughter with English and then we helped her with math. I was wondering
when we were going to get to the teaching point. After a visit to their
garden, I found how much of a virtue patience is. God blessed us and she
took the wheel and started talking about how much she needed God and and
she asked if she could pray for us! We said yes!!! It was awesome to see
His hand in the work and how guided she was. We set up to meet with her and
have a lesson for this week!

We also had the opportunity to teach one of our investigators about
temples. That lesson was very special to my heart, since I had the
opportunity to serve in the House of the Lord at the Seattle Temple. We
testified of Gods love for us and the amazing things that take place in His
home and can bind us together as families for eternities. It is a part of
His plan. It was very nice to feel the Spirit working through my heart as I
spoke each work to him.

We also had the opportunity to do a service project. Czechs love their
gardens here and they are hugeeee!!! They will spend all day working in
them everyday in the summer. One member in our ward just bought some new
property. We spent four hours cutting branches and in the end even though
it did not look like we did much, I was filled with love of charity when I
saw his big smile thanking us for the work that we had done. Service is
such a great way to have joy!!

Yesterday we also met with a very sweet old lady. She does not believe in
God, but she loves how she feels when she comes to church and when she is
around people who carry the spirit. We had a very cool discussion with her
and I was able to tell her some very special experiences that I hold close
to my heart that I have had on my mission. At first I was nervous to tell
her, but I felt a prompting to. The spirit warmed my heart.

I have a testimony that God lives and that He is with us through His Holy
Spirit. And he will guide us every step of the way. My mom sent me a letter
a couple weeks ago and shared with me her testimony that the Savior will
walk with us every step up the way, we need only ask. I know that He is

We sang a song yesterday in church that was very simple and made a profound
impact on me:

že v nebi otce mám
že mě miluje to vim od ducha svatého a tak to pravda je
mě na svět poslal bych kračel tady s Nim to uči nim

I have a Father in Heaven
That loves me and I know this from the Holy Ghost and He tells me it is true
I sent me to earth and walks beside me here with Him I learn of Him

2 Nephi 4:16-21 is a beautiful section about an experience that each of us
can have. I know that we can be filled with His love through any
circumstance. Like Thomas S Monson said, His love is simply just always

Have a wonderful week!

S laskou

Sestra Miller

*This is our great friend who sings and goes to ice cream with us, He is
praying to our Heavenly Father!*
*Sister Ludlow and I went contacting with a picture of Jesus, it is
entitled Come and See*
*This is our sweet friend who teaches us Czech in Czech!*
*Our pink church building!*

How Blessed Are We

Well this week was a little all over the place, but we managed! We met with
a few different awesome people. I am really seeing them as children of God,
and I know that He loves them so much, and that they need to hear from him.
How great is my calling! I can speak for and testify of him, that is a joy
that is hard for me to describe.

We saw lots of miracles this week. My companion and I talked about how we
would really like to exercise more faith. We know that our Heavenly Father
has a plan and He knows the way. So we wanted to test it a little more and
see him work some miracles. As we deepened our prayers and desires to act
on seek and follow the spirit, we saw His power come through.

We met with an investigator and I understood him better than ever before!

We randomly got invited over to a sweet sweet old friend of ours and she
told us that she does not believe in God but that she loves church and it
makes her happy.

We have been receiving czech lessons from a czech! She opens us warmly into
our home.

We got to spend amazing time with the members this week.

There are so many great things around us, how blessed our we.

Alma 5:14 I know that God is a part of us. He cares so much for us.

Seek His love, I testify that it is there.

Have a wonderful week!

S laskou

Sestra Miller

Smell the Roses


This week was a little bit more chill, but things are still going good.

We had a lovely meeting with a member and her grandaughter and talked about
prayer. She shared with us a little bit of her conversion story and set a
very good example for her grandaughter who is not a member of our church.
At the end she thanked us for coming and said that it was very nice to talk
about the gospel because she does not have the chance too, since the rest
of her family is against it. We also got to meet with a couple of our
investigators who are overcoming many trials and giving up a lot to learn
about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thay are such good examples to me.
Sometimes it make me feel even more grateful that I was raised in the joy
that I am sharing with them. Seeing them change and work hard to have a
relationship with Christ is such a beautiful thing.

A couple of little experiences I had this week were as follows”

We took a shortcut through a little forest and I saw a woman that I wanted
to talk to. I saw a even quicker shortcut to her but felt tempted not to
go. The path was brushed over with plants that I had not seen before. We
went anyways and got stung by the plants. Nothing bad, but it was a
reminder to me that when you feel something, ACT ON IT. Elder Ronald A
Rasband gave a talk about being first responsers to the Spirit. I love
that, and it is something that we need to apply to our lives.

We also went out early one morning to chat with some people, and saw some
beautiful flowers. Sometimes I feel the need to just go go go, but we
paused a moment to smell them. I am so happy that we did! that is something
so small, I know, but it is the tender little mercies!!

We also got to see two baptisms this week! My favorite part was seeing the
people immerse back out of the water. NEW. Their facial expressions were
priceless. One immeadiatley embraced the missionary who baptized him and
you could feel his happiness radiating.

Yesterday during fast and testiomony meeting, a eigth year old girl got up
and bore a simple yet beautiful testimony on prayer. She had received an
answer! A couple hours later a young woman came up to me and told me that
she had been praying and could not stop thinking about the sister
missionaries, and she knew that she needed to ask if she could come out and
teach with us sometime!! SO COOL!!

I love the work and I love this gospel. I know that prayer works, I love
the story of Enos. Really all of Enos 1. His soul hungered, and He was
forgiven because of His faith. I know that as we remain faithful we will be

Have a wonderful week!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Jumping at some castle ruins, not much too them*
*Our view from home*
*Delivering banana bread in a thunderstorm*

Prayer is Real


This week was great. Really, every week is great, I know that I say that,
but it is true. Something that I have noticed is that sometimes I am even
more grateful when the week does not go perfectly awesome, which may sound
weird, but in that way I can always learn something and if there is a
mishap of a struggle or a change of plans I can turn to my Savior for
peace. It is so cool how He is there twenty four seven!

So on Tuesday we had a lesson in the morning and then we went home and made
some banana bread to deliver to some of the less actives. You know I guess
my cousin Andrew Murphy who is serving in the Hungarian mission, shout out
to him, has the same grand idea as I do about baking. Well what can I say,
great readheads think alike😉 but I love making things with my companions
to deliver to people! So that is exactly what we planned to do, because yes
as you already know, Czechs love banana bread. So we spent time making that
then we walked all the way across town and got a little lost and then it
started POURING RAIN and HAIL! And lighting and thunder started rumbeling,
and get this, yes, it was sunny before so we were out in our skirts and
shortsleeves, no umbrellas, just smiling and carrying banana bread. we
quickly ran for cover and had to wait it out for thirty minutes. By the
time it lightened up we had to head to a lesson, so we will have to try the
less actives again this week! Dont worry, we did not eat lall the banana
bread by ourselves, we gave it to our neighbors! We only had a couple

We also had a really sweet older lady whose name is Květa, which translates
to flower, teach us some new czech words! So that was fun. She reminded the
both of us of our loving grandmothers.

On Thursday and well most of the days our perfectly planned out days went
through a hurricane and changed a lot, but oh my gosh on this day we saw
soo many miracles. We went and visited a mom who has a son on a mission.
She is not a member, but said that we could come over. His service has
softened her heart! We visited her and she told us that she was ready to
receive the joy her son was receiving through the gospel. It was a powerful
lesson. In the end we asked her to pray and she did. THE FIRST TIME EVER
OUTLOUD. I testify that it makes a difference. It makes the conversation
feel even more real. I could not stop smiling. We asked her how she felt
afterwards and she said JOY.

We also on Saturday got to watch one of our investigators sing in a
concert. There were three different choirs that sang. I LOVED IT. They sang
in a few different languages and it was beautiful and touched my soul. In
that moment as I looked around and listened I realized how many different
beliefs, faiths, and cultures there are. Even though we are all different
God loves every single one of us. It was really cool, I could literally
feel how much love Heavenly Father had for each of them and each of us. I
am sure that was just a speck, because His love is infinite, but it was a
very special time for me.

One of the people that we are teaching is catholic. And He is been on quite
the journey learning about the teachings of Christ that we share, but oh my
goodness it has been incredible seeing His development. He is building on
that strong foundation of Christ that he already has. This week he prayed
for the first time literally to our Heavenly Father and my heart skipped a
beat. I know that he heard his prayer.

*And He will hear yours too.*
Luke 2:46
And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the
temple, sitting
in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.

I love that out of all places where He could be, Christ chose to be among
the people teaching them of the plan of happiness and Gods love.

May we strive to follow His example and share the message of joy and light
with all those around us! We challenged our English class to pray for an
opportunity to serve and love someone a little extra this week, I want to
extend that to you too. I know that you will feel more gratitude and so
will they.

Have a fabulous week!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Sestra MillerWe made halušky! Slovakian special*

*Pretty days in UH*

*Got the Czech famous Svičkova *

*Some of the district*

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