Sestra Autumn Miller

Letters from our missionary in the Czech/Slovak Mission



As this month is coming down to an end, I have been trying to pick out all
the great things that have happened. Everyone has days where you just hope
that you are doing enough. This week I really thought a lot more about how
we can rely on our Savior. My mom has actually sent me lots of pictures of
Christ, throughout my mission, there was one afternoon where I just paused
and gazed at them. I know that because of our Savior we dont have to worry
about not doing enough. As long as we do all that we can and are striving
to improve, He will do the rest. What a beautiful thing, i am so grateful
for the Atonement.

This week we met A LOT with our investigator Sona! She is getting baptized
next SATURDAY!!!!! I cannot wait! Every single meeting that we had with
her, she grew more and more. She was so prepared to receive this gospel. I
am happy that God set us up on the same paths. She has changed my life. She
is so accepting and understanding. This week when we taught tithing with
our bishop, I asked her if she would live that law. And she smiled and said
no of course!!! She knows that God will bless her as she remains faithful.
It has been such a joy teaching her.

Also, this week we had training with the missionaries. We had a great
spiritual fun conference in Prague. It was great to see so many of my
friends, and to center on the Spirit. That is actually what Sestra Peterson
and I taught. We shared a training about how can seek and follow the Holy
Ghost in our work. But this does not only apply to missionary work, but in
our everyday lives. Once we have received the Gift of the Holy Ghost it can
be with us always, as long as we remain worthy of it. What an amazing gift
from God. We can always be guided by Him. I shared with the missionaries
how my dad would always tell me to MAKE A GOOD DAY. That is another key
aspect, that we have good attitudes and do all that we can to seek him.
Every day is a day of joy and blessings fulfilled as we follow his sweet
promptings which come from heaven, and our Father.

I am thankful for this gospel, and my favorite mission scripture Moroni
7:13. Every good thing is inspired of God. Our commitment to the
missionaries is something that I would like to extend to all of you. ACT on
all of these inspired good feelings, thoughts, ideas, and you will see God
and His Spirit work more fully in your life!

Love you all!!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Sister Peterson and I at huge Cathedral*
*Sister Farnsworth (my greenie from last trasnfer:)) together at my last
*We went to a BONE CHURCH!*
*What a sweet life I have*



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Can you believe that it is 2018 already? I sure
can’t. This is a year for new starts, new ideas, new potential. I am so
excited continue my daily conversion to Christ, but to also have that joy
continue that God blesses us with each and every day. What a wonderful
world. We can look past the hard and bad and find the good. Like for
example, even though we may have crazy weeks, like maybe driving through
the parts of the country in the Czech Republic and having meetings and
activities and so many things going on, you can take a step back and look
at how good every moment is. This is what I tried to do this week, and even
in the hustle of things I was able to find so much happiness.

Lets see, so on Monday we got to celebrate a New Year! So much fun!!! We
actually had an awesome meeting with a man who has been less active and we
talked about how he can receive answers from God through an earnest desire.
Then we went out to dinner for family home evening with a bunch of the YSA!
It was lots of fun!

We met with another awesome guy who actually has not had much contact with
the missionaries for a while. He walked into the lesson and told us that
once he got here, he knew that it was right. He told us that for some
reason he had a strong feeling and impression to come. We did too, once he
walked through the door I could feel that it was time for his testimony to
come back. We are so excited to start meeting with him reguarly!

On Wednesday I got to go on an exchange with a really sweet sister. Her
name is Sestra Webb. We had a lot of fun together, we did a lot of talking
with people. It was super awesome!!! We sang some songs with the elders in
our group, and I felt the need to go talk to two people and they set up
with us!!! One man who was a former 8 years ago and another man that has
dreads!!! Really pumped to meet with them and see their minds be blown with
the happiness they learn about that comes through the gospel!

Then on Thursday I got to go back to Mlada Boleslav!!! I had an exchange
with Sestra Farnsworth and it was so fun being back together!!! We had an
amazing day full of lessons and miracles and prayer. One lesson did not
show so we went out to contact and prayed at every turn and were led to a
really sweet mom who loved to meet with us! They have a lesson with her
next week! Tender mercy! Later that night we met with Michal. Sestra
Farnsworth and I found him together 4 months ago. Since then he has been
meeting with the sisters every week and has become a completely different
person. It was amazing meeting with him again and hearing him tell me
stories of feeling the Holy Ghost, finding that the Book of Mormon was true
through prayer. This man did not believe in God when we first met him. He
really wants to be baptized and is on that path! I am so happy for him!

I love this work. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I love our Heavenly
Father. I know that we can MAKE A GOOD DAY EVERY DAY. We must endure and
enjoy to the end!

Mark 10:14 talks about how we can become as children. I know that I have
mentioned this before. But truly, as we humble ourselves and seek Him, He
will let us in.

Love you all and hope that you have a great week! Go out and try something
new and share your happiness with others!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Stastny Novy Rok!*
*American Goodies*

We are so BLESSED


So, what an amazing week. Opravdu, bylo to užašny. I think that I truly
just noticed all of the many blessings and miracles that I am surrounded
by. Not only each and every day, but each and every moment. If we will look
through the eyes of Christ, we will see how much light there really is. It
has to be something that we choose to focus on. We have to not only be
wanting the blessings (desire), but we also have to be working to receive
them. God is so willing to pour blessings upon us, but we have to be ready
and willing to accept them. This week I saw SO MANY.

One of the greatest things that I have learned on my mission is planning.
When you take the time to prepare for something and you invlove God while
doing it, you will have some pretty good outcomes. This week we planned
very well and tried to reach out to others as Christ would.

I jumped out of my comfort zone a little bit in some things, but that is
what we have to do if we want to see how GREAT God is. If things were not
hard we would not be grateful for them and we would not have such a great
learning experience, which ultimately is why we are here on earth.

I am really grateful for the events that took place this past week.

On Christmas Eve we got to spend the night with the Bishops family. It was
a wonderful night. They were so loving and prepared a really nice dinner
for us, we opened a few presents that they surprised the missionaries with,
and then we spent the rest of the night talking about their paths to the
church. They showed us the first edition Book of Mormons that we used
during communism time. It was a very humbeling experience to just notice
how blessed each of us are to have the gospel in our lives.

On Monday, CHRISTMAS, we got to spend a lot of time with our mission
President and had a really nice testimony meeting. I also got to skype home
to my family. It was so unreal. They truly are my greatest gift. I love
them so much and I am so thankful for their support. *Family, Where life
begins and love never ends.* What is a better reason than to leave on a
mission to go help other families be together forever through the amazing
promises of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We got to meet with our investigator Sona a few times this week. She truly
is so incredible. She was a believer all of her life, but never baptized.
She always wanted to be but never found the right church. She has such
strong faith in God. We have meet with her frequently and she is preparing
for her baptism which will take place next month. We had a very spiritual
lesson with her and our mission presidents wife. We watched the Joseph
Smith film and she cried at the end. She said she did not have words to
speak. But she felt it was true.

Today Michal was baptized. He is from Slovakia. He is one of the two
Michals that I taught in Mlada Boleslav. He came down to Prague for his
baptism. I was SO HAPPY. He literally was glowing. It is such an amazing
experience for me to see people be converted to Christ. It helps me even to
notice how much my Savior means to me. Truly, everything is possible
because of Him. I got to speak at his baptism on the Holy Ghost, and the
Spirit was so strong. I am thankful for him and for how happy he is
accepting the gospel into his life. He literally has changed. And he tells
everyone that he is a son of God:)

Matthew 17:20 talks about the miracles that come through faith.

As the New Year approaches, something that I am going to do is reflect and
ponder on how I cna continue to develop my faith. As we strengthen our love
in Christ and believe that we will see good things happen they will. As you
plan goals, think about how your faith can make them happen!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Sona is an amazing elect woman, Sestra Peterson and I are teaching her in
*Christmas in Prague!! Breakfast and presents at Presidents home*

Veselé Vánoce!


So this week was CRAZY but GREAT!! I am just so excited because it is
Christmas time!!! This week we really focused on #lighttheworld
#svetlosvetu and what a great motive that has been.

All week we were with big groups of missionaries just sharing the light. On
Tuesday we got together with missionaries serving on the west side of the
country and we went singing in four different spots in Prague and handed
out balloons and took pictures with people and the hashtag. It was so
great! Just simply sharing the light and smiles and serving others!! Then a
couple days later half of our mission was together and we sang Christmas
carols on the town square!

We also had our Christmas training this weekend and it was soo good to be
with many of my fellow servants of the Lord. Sestra Peterson and I actually
did a training for the missionaries. We entitled it Seek the Star. We
focused on the examples that the shepherds and wisemen set for us. 1. Faith
2. Desire 3. Seek . They are such good examples to us of pressing forward
with faith in Christ. We challenged all the missionaries to think of ways
to strengthen their relationship with Christ and watche dthe piano guys
video of the nativity. It was amazing because the Spirit testified so
strongly to me how true all these things are.

I know that our Savior lives and that this time of the year we have is to
celebrate Him. I can feel His love. I know that He lives because I still
feel peace and happiness in an unperfect world. I know He leaves because I
have had experiences through prayer and church and scripture, where I have
grown closwer to Him. Please take this time to share His love and your love
with those that you are surrounded by.

Isaih 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the
government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called
Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince
of Peace.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Love you all so much!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller















*Světlo Světu*
*Vánoce v Praze*
*Vanočni Strom*

Loving the Work


It has been a great crazy insane week. We had a full week of traveling and
meetings. Sestra Peterson and I actually went on two exchanges this week
and they were so great!

We first went to česke budějovice. This was actually the first city that I
served in on my mission! It was so fun driving back down there, just a trip
down memory lane. That place is literally a town of miracles. And it still
is! I went on exchanges with one of my old companions named Sestra Taylor.
So we got to serve together again and we saw miracles together. My favorite
was during contacting. We were talking to lots of people during our
traveling and there was one man that I saw and I knew instantly that we
needed to talk to him. We passed a couple of people to get to him and he
was a little surprised. He looked at us funny and said that he met the
missionaries a couple years ago but that it was not for him. He also
mentioned how he used to be a believer but that he lost God in His life. We
explained to him the blessings that come through having faith and he
completely changed. In the end he explained to us that it was not an
accident that we met. I shared with him the prompting that I had to speak
with him. He told us maybe God still is there, because he sent angels to me
today. It was a very powerful experience and he set up to meet with the
sisters this week.

Then we went to Pardubice and had an exchange with the sisters there. It
was a lot of fun being in a different city. We also had some really good
experiences together. We had a fun English class, only one girl was able to
make it but we had fun doing mad libs and talking about Disney movies and
Christmas. Then we sang Stars are Gleaming, and she really enjoyed it.

Sister Peterson and I had the chance to meet with our investigator Sone.
She is so amazing. I mentioned a little bit about her in my last email but
she truly is just so prepared. We had barely any time to meet with her this
week, and yesterday once we finally did, she told us that she had a really
long day and did not know if she could make it. We explained to her the
importance of meeting and preparation for baptism and she quickly replied
back to our text, and said ok I will be there. Amazing desire!! We had a
wonderful led lesson with her and she told us how strongly she feels that
this church is true. She cannot wait to be baptized.

Today we actually got to see a baptism and some of my investigators from my
last area in Mlada Boleslav came down to see it. It was so great being able
to visit with Michal and Michal. There is a new light about them, now that
they are both preparing to be baptized. I am really excited for them. Truly
this gospel changes lives, and I was able to see that desire grow within
them over these past few months. I LOVE THIS WORK!!!

Sister Peterson and I had some good times and good laughs. We almost got
hit by a bus, we fell into a deep sleep on some train rides, we chased
after flying balloons during a contact session, and just falling down on
the escalators. Life is so good!!

1 Nephi 19:9 He has felt everything.

Use this Christmas time to the fullest and share the Sprit of Christ. He
loves us all so much!!

Have a wonderful week!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Angels at the Nativity*
*Family Home Evening*
*Věra *
*česke Budějovicé!*

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