Sestra Autumn Miller

Letters from our missionary in the Czech/Slovak Mission

Just Keep on Keepin On

Ahoj! Ja ještě ne věřim že jsem tady jako misionařska. Je to super práce a
ja vim že tato Církev je pravdiva! Let me just say that I love being able
to share my testiomony with others. It is something that I did not do all
the time back home, and now I can share my faith with ANYONE and ANYWHERE.
It is pretty cool. I love having a name tag and representing my Savior
Jesus Christ.

This week we spent a couple of days in a big city called Liberec. It is
beautiful and very cultural and alive there. It was a lot of fun. We had a
big group of missionaries together and we were able to find a handful of
new people who had interest to hear more about of message of happiness.

I was asked this week if it is hard having people say that they do not have
time or interest by a few people here. No, it really is not. Because I know
that God is there. The fact that He loves me and I am trying is what I
think really counts. I know that His love is real.

On Sunday we got to visit the branch in that city. It was a wonderful time.
We were embraced with love from the strong dedicated members. It was
amazing. That is another thing that I have developed a testimony of on my
mission. Church, each class that we have but even more so the passing of
the sacrament. There was an article from an old Liahona that I read about a
woman who was asked by a young boy passing the sacrament, Do you need this?
She partook of the bread after she set her crying baby down. She felt
releived. I can just imagine my Savior reaching out His hand to me asking
Do you need this? The sacrament represents His sacrifice but more
importantly His love for us, and the opportunity that we have to become
better and perfected through him. I am eternally grateful for the sacrament
and for how inspired church lessons are. When we have an open heart and
come with questions to church they are answered. I saw that this week SO
strongly. He really is watching after me. As well as my investigators and
the people in the Czech Republic and even you.

We were doing a singing display and I went out first to talk to people I
immeadiatley was drawn to one woman and she stopped. We had a wonderful
conversation about the spirit and I invited her to her the lessons. We set
up for this week! That was such a cool fast miracle and experience for me.

I know that each of us goes through bumps, but one quote that I read this
week was Dont look at the waves look at the shore. I know that if we keep
on keepin on with faith in our Savior that He will bless us, we can make it
through anything!

Mosiah 23:22 Trust in the Lord.

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Some pictures of Mlada Boleslav*
*On Sunday we got to visit and spend some time in the big city Liberec!*

Glittering Paths

Ahoj! I just want to say that smiling is a great thing to do. When you have
a smile on your face it is hard to not be happy. Well sometimes it can be a
little difficult, like when you have to keep a smile on your face for three
hours straight, but really it is still a great thing. This morning I got to
help out a friend of ours, and she did a live portrait of me! I had no idea
how much muscle it takes to smile, but I did find that I just felt so much
better. A smile truly can change someones day, and even if you are going
through something hard it will make it better. You cannot be mad when you
have a true smile on your face. That is something that I think I will
remember for a long time. When you try to strive through the trails with
happiness, having a reassurance that all will work out and be okay- it will
be a lot more durable. Look at that I just learned something new today:)

We had a couple of the best lessons ever this week! One of our
investigators found out that Joseph Smith was a prophet. That was one of
the most amazing blessings for me. Seeing and hearing about someone going
through so much prayer and study to find an answer, it shows that God
really is there. We closed the lesson asking, How are you on the path?
There are so many different things that we can do to grow closer to God and
strengthen our potential while we are on the earth! Take some time to think
about that.
We also met with a sweet mom. We spent the whole time talking about prayer.
We broke it up into five pieces:
1. Address Heavenly Father
2. Blessings
4. Answers
5.Close in the name of Jesus Christ amen
It was awesome. We talked about who God was and why it is important for us
to talk to Him. He can help us. We asked her to pray and ask if He was
there. At first she said that she was not sure and that she was nervous.
Then we shared personal experiences and we asked her again, and the spirit
grew SO STRONG. She said yes.

There is a power that comes with the Holy Ghost. It changes lives. I get to
witness it front row and I love it. So can you!! During that lesson it
literally felt like a glitter came over us. It was incredible.

We also made cinnamon rolls and delivered them to some less actives. We met
one family who I think really appreciated being reached out too. I think
that it is the little things that build up to the big things. Like bringing
a small treat and hello and then getting invited to come back and meet the
whole family. Or saying a simple prayer and feeling the profound love of
our Heavenly Father.

This week I loved the scriptures 1 John 4, 3 Nephi 19:28-29 and Alma 58. I
found answers through these each time. Alma 58 was an incredible experience
for me. It is so cool how we can read a story and it comes alive within us.
There is power in the Book of Mormon. I know that it is true. In Alma 58 it
talks about how sometimes things may seem daunting and we may be small in
numbers but with Gods help all is well.

I love my mission. And I love all of you, thank you for your prayers and
support. Have a great week!

S laskou

Sestra Miller

*Naměstí in Boleslav*
*I got to be still for three hours*
*The artist! Magarita, she is from Ukraine!*
*Two besties exploring the city*



Another week come and gone in Mláda Boleslav. Things are going good here.
People are being prepared and I really am seeing the Lords hands in the

This week was very humbeling. I have learned that you do not need to speak
perfectly to share love. We had a few concerns come up from people that
were teaching and I found myself just silently praying my heart out to
Heavenly Father to help me in that needed moment. Sometimes answers do not
come immediately, but as you are patient, they really do come. I saw it in
multiple ways: a peace flowing over the room, a calm rememberance of a good
scripture to share, and sometimes the prompting to just be still and really
listen. That is the key. To LISTEN. We are not alone, and we will be guided
and comforted in our times of need.

We also got to meet with an amazing older couple in our ward. We brought
them cinnamon rolls and they loved them! Funny things that we take for
granted in America. Anywho that was a sidenot. He is the only Czech temple
sealer. When the church was just really starting up in the country the few
members would gather at their home for a meeting. We got to have a lesson
with them on not fearing, because the Lord is there and will help us
accomplish all tasks. That was one of the most spiritual rooms I have ever
been in. I felt so much love and peace.

Also last Sunday we saw a mom with a really cute little boy and decided to
go talk to her. 40 minutes later we set up an appointment to talk more
about how her family could be blessed by the gospel. It was one of the most
amazing lessons I have ever had. She was so open and eager to learn. We
established really good expectations and she could not stop smiling. That
made my heart so happy. That sounds cheesy but it is true! Seeing someone
that is so willing to accept and act on things. I know that this joy will
bless her and her little family, and I am really looking forward to what
will come with her.

We also met with some hippies, they were really cool. We met in a ground
squirrel park. It was a very interesting meeting. They were super nice!

On Sunday we had lunch with a really sweet older member in Jičín. She loves
the church. She fed us SO MUCH. I could not move afterwards. Then we met
again with a member that night and had a bunch of fish and icecream. Lets
just say I was full of both food and the spirit that day. I have come to
find that even in hard times, there is good that can be found in every
thing. You just have to be willing to build on it.

There was a talk given in general conference last fall from a former
washington mission president. He said sometimes you just have to drink it.
The missionaries were like oh no it is raining! But he smiled and told them
you just have to look up and be grateful for what you have. I have learned
that was we act on these good things and look for them and seek and listen
to them, that is when we will find true happiness.

3 Nephi 11 We read verse 3 with a member and compared it to recognizing the
voice of the Spirit,

And it came to pass that while they were thus conversing one with another,
they heard a voice as if it came out of heaven; and they cast their eyes
round about, for they understood not the voice which they heard; and it was
not a harsh voice, neither was it a loud voice; nevertheless, and
notwithstanding it being a small voice it did pierce them that did hear to
the center, insomuch that there was no part of their frame that it did not
cause to quake; yea, it did pierce them to the very soul, and did cause
their hearts to burn.

t I know that as we are patient and listen for the still small voice we
will feel a burning in our hearts. Act on it. Good comes from doing good!

Have a great week!

S laskou

Sestra Miller

*We went on a wayyyy insaneee hike with the district*
*We are showing our pearly whites with Otakar!*


Ahoj! So let me just tell ya, HAPPINESS is the best thing to have! Things are so much better when you are having fun, and I studied this week that that joy comes through the light of Christ. We are here to have experiences that will make us grateful and glad. We also experience hardships, but as we turn to our Savior we can find peace. 

This week was my first week in Mlada Boleslav. Yes, I have been tossed around a lot, but I have seen that the Lord has placed me in the exact place where I need to be and where He wants me to be. 

Also right when I got her I met a¨n investigator and we had a picnic and ate pizza, so that was a good start, I knew I would like it here from the start 🙂 heehee

So this week we made it a goal to have fun. Yes missionary work is always good, but we spiced things up a little bit. We went contacting on our families together and that was a blast! We talked to people literally about baptism on the streets and that was super cool. 

I felt like I was literally speaking and teaching from my heart. Which is the best way to do the work of the Lord. This week we met so many new and amazing people, in situations that you would not expect. Literally when we had the smallest amount of time to find new people, the Lord blessed us with them in our paths. We set up a lot of lessons for this coming week. We prayed a lot and had super good expectations. When you believe something will happen it WILL!

We met an awesome man on Saturday and invited him to church the next day. He said that he would like to come. But all the odds were against him. He lost his house keys and had to stay at a friends house. That friend lived in the same city where we have church! He came and it was a really cool experience. He has desire to learn more so we are teaching him again today!

Sunday we met a super sweet mom and she was captivated by the message that we share teh FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER. 

I am amazed at how much the Lord blesses His children. 

Doctrine and Covenants 50 : 24

 That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

 Hope you have a fabulous week! Search for the light and share it! It is within each of you! You are all so loved!!

S laskou 

Sestra Miller

Sweet Sisters Comp Unity 
Happy Glow
Family Contacting!


Ahoj! So this week was great! It was pretty crazy but man I cannot put into
words how much I love being on a mission. It is amazing to see so miracles
happen in a day, when that is literally all you are trying to do. We are
here to bring the miracle of joy into lives, and that comes from working
closely with God. This is something that I have thought about a lot lately.
Just how dependent on God I have become.

We met with a very dear friend of mine yesterday. She struggles with
wanting to beleive in God. But we came to the realization that is all we
do. The way to find out if God exists is to ask Him and put faith in Him.
You have to try it, but you also have to humble yourself a little bit. I
know that when we do this He will answer. Even if we have good joy in our
lives, it is unimaginable how much greater it can be. Sometimes we cannot
see all of the blessings that lie ahead, but He can.

This week we did a lot of traveling. But the best place that we went to was
Karlštejn. It is right outside of Prague and there is a huge castle.
Sometimes in life we just see the big picture and we are like ooooh I need
that, I want that! But sometimes we have to dig a little deeper and that is
when you will see the little things that lead to the true beauty. In a very
special place we got to visit where the Czech Slovak mission was dedicated.
It was such a wonderful spiritual experience for me. I know that this is
exactly where I am supposed to be. God truly does prepare and lead us to
the right places. Sometimes we may not understand why, but in the end it
all comes together. It was amazing to hear all of the history of the czechs
that made the church happen in this country. The went through communism,
secrecy, betrayal, and yet the church still stands. Now we have a stake.
Those seven members have turned into hundreds. Prayer works. They prayed
for the gospel to richly bless them and missionaries to come and that has
all happened.

Alma 56:46

for behold God is with us, and he will not suffer that we should fall.

I know that He truly is among us.Sometimes we hit low points, but we are
never lost. I know that we can overcome all things with him!

This week we also found a man who has great interest in learning about the
gospel so that was very exciting. I have also moved to Mlada Boleslav, so
here is to a sixth area!!

Have a great week!

S laskou,

Sestra Miller

*Throwback to when we ate sushi and I didnt like it*
*Karlštejn where our mission was dedicated*
*Karlštejn Castle!!*

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