Terms of Service

Here’s our Terms of Service – they are pretty simple and basic.

“We” (the folks at LDS Missionary Letter.com and associated entities) provide you with a place to post letters and pictures about your missionary during their service. “You” agree to these basic terms. These terms are applicable to all subscribers (“you”) to this service, and may be changed at any time without notice. The latest version of these Terms of Service will be shown on this page.

  1. You agree to post only missionary-related material. Examples are letters from your missionary, or pictures they have sent you. Any pictures should be non-copyrighted, and people in the pictures are assumed to have given implied consent for publication.
  2. If we find any material (posts or pictures) that we deem to be inappropriate to this site’s purpose, we will immediately suspend access to your part of this site. We’ll have a nice discussion about the problem, but if we can’t come to an agreement, your material and access will be permanently deleted. There will be no refund of any payments if we cancel your access.
  3. We’ll provide the ‘hosting’ of your missionary’s site. It will be available for up to 2 years, which give you plenty of ‘before and after’ time to post all the fun details of your missionary’s service.
  4. We’ll keep backup of your site’s data, and restore it if needed. You are responsible for ensuring that all of your entries are kept safe from deletion. So you decide on the content, adding (and deleting) as you desire. We’ll just have a backup of everything in case of dire emergency.
  5. We will not do any editing of your entries, unless you ask us to help out. You are responsible for the content.
  6. We will not use your contact information, or the contact information of anyone that is mentioned in your entries/site, for any other purposes other than to communicate with you (the person siging up for our service) about issues or information relating to this site. (We won’t spam you.)
  7. We will provide email support as needed. We will respond to questions or concerns within 24 hours (usually much sooner).
  8. Once you sign up for the service we provide, there are no refunds. We will remove your site’s entries if you wish, but there are no refunds if you decide to terminate your access before the expiration date of your plan.
  9. There will be no extra charges for items included in your plan. You can always upgrade your plan for the difference in amount, but that difference is not prorated. There may be other features and options available.
  10. We may add features at any time, with our discretion. Additional features may have additional costs, but we won’t charge extra for features added to an existing plan.
  11. Once your missionary has returned home (and your two years of our service are complete), we will offer you a printed copy (at extra charge), plus a text copy with picture files, of your entries. This is an optional, extra cost service. Thirty (30) days after your two year period, your entries and site and access will be removed, without any availability to recover your previously published information (unless you decide to purchase a copy). Once your entries are gone (30 days after expiration of your plan), they are gone for good.
  12. We are not responsible for any content that you post, or comments that others post on your pages. We will monitor entries for appropriateness and content, and block access to individual entries or the whole when we decide that is needed. Our decisions on the appropriateness of content and blocking content or your access are final (but we’ll work with you on any problems).
  13. Any advertising placed on your site (according to the features of your plan) are provided by an advertising service. We will attempt to ensure the appropriateness of the advertising, but are not responsible for any advertising that is displayed, or the links that are used by that advertising.
  14. The design of this site, it’s features, implementation, etc. are Copyright © 2015 by CellarWeb.com, who is the owning entity of this site. All rights are reserved.
  15. These terms are subject to change at any time. The latest version of the terms of service will be on this page. No other terms are implied. All of our decisions are final, and are not subject to any further discussion or modification, unless we decide otherwise.

These Terms of Service are effective as of June 20, 2015, and may be changed at any time without prior or subsequent notice.


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