The Plans

All plans have a one-time-only price for the entire length of the mission. Get Started Now!

Features Enhanced Premium
Easy Setup – because we do all the geeky! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Unlimited Posts – add letters whenever you want – no limit! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Unlimited Pictures – add lots of pictures to each letter posted! And we”ll rotate pictures when needed! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Just Send an Email – the easiest way to add a new letter! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Free Word Document of all letters and pictures – at the end of the mission, you get a file with all letters and pictures. Optionally, we can make a printed book of the entire mission. (New Feature!)
32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Choose Your Design – we have many choices, and can add more! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Fully Responsive Design – so your site looks great on all devices! Check out a serving missionary’s blog! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Free Email Support – got a question or problem? We’ll respond within 24 hours – and usually sooner. We can fix issues quickly! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
No advertising – ever! (well, a tiny blurb at the top and bottom of all pages with a link to our site) 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Privacy and Security – we won’t share any of your information with anyone (we hate spam too!). And we make sure that all software patches are installed! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Mailing List Signups / Notifications – get an email when there is a new letter! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Letter “Catch Up” Mode – If your missionary has been serving for a while, we’ll help you get all of their previous letters on your site in the proper order. 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg
Your Own Email Address – for a personalized Contact Page! 32px-Green_tick.svg
Contact Forms – including one that will email your missionary! 32px-Green_tick.svg
Multiple Authors – You can add multiple authors to publish pages! Let your missionary post directly to his blog (if his mission rules allow that). 32px-Green_tick.svg
Personalized Domain Name – we’ll use your domain name on your site (domain registration cost is extra). We’ll do all the geeky stuff to set things up! 32px-Green_tick.svg
Discount on Options or Additional products – a 10% discount any any optional items you need, including the Missionary Book! 32px-Green_tick.svg
Customization Available – we can add anything to your site! Just Ask! Just Ask!
Mission Memories Book – we will compile all of your posts and pictures into a nicely bound book for your missionary and family! The cost depends on several factors – see here for more details. Just Ask! Just Ask!
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee – If we can’t make your site work like you want, we’ll cheerfully refund your plan fee – all of it! 32px-Green_tick.svg 32px-Green_tick.svg

Full Cost

Only one easy payment

and you’re set up for

your missionary’s entire mission!

$ 65

total cost for entire mission


$ 95

total cost for entire mission


Get started now! Select your plan using the Buy Now button. That will take you to the PayPal site where you can complete your transaction (PayPal account not required – major credit cards accepted).
Then just fill out a simple form and we’ll build your missionary’s blog site, plus send you the easy instructions to get started.

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