It’s My Birthday!

Our boss is having a birthday! (Yeah, everyone does, but we have to humor him.) We won’t tell you how old he is (but it’s a large number, especially when written in binary).

But he did decide on celebrating by reducing the prices even more!  Check out the ‘birthday prices‘ on the two plans.

There’s no telling how long he will be in a good mood, so hurry and sign up before he comes to his senses.

New Catch-Up Service

We’ve added a new service to our Enhanced and Premium plans. If your missionary has been serving for a while, we can help you get all of their letters on the site, and in the proper order.

All you have to do is send an email with their letter. Include the date of the letter, and we’ll change the ‘publish’ date of the letter so that the letters will appear in the proper order. That takes a bit of time on our end, which is why it is only available on the Enhanced and Premium plans.

But we think it is worth it. You’ll have all of your missionary letters on their site from start to finish.

And did we mention our money-back guarantee? If you are not satisfied with your missionary’s blog at 30 days past the signup, we’ll refund the cost of the plan – in full. But the whole place is so easy – one of our customers said it is ‘rediculously easy’ – that we don’t think we’ll ever have to do that.

Get started today! We’ve still got some introductory pricing available.

Another New Sister – er – Sestra

We are excited to tell you about one of our newest missionaries -Sestra Miller! (“Sestra” is Czech for “Sister”.)

Yep – she’s going to the Czech-Slovak Mission – and she is really excited!

As we write this, she’s in the MTC, learning the language and having a great time. You can find her letters here.

Her parents send her letters and pictures to her blog site. One is geeky, and the other isn’t. But each of them use the simple process of sending an email with Sestra Miller’s latest letters. A simple email, and they are done! They could be geeky – well, one of them could – but they don’t have to do any geeky to post Sestra Miller’s letters. It just too easy to send an email.

And you should see how many of her friends did the easy signup to get an email notice about new letters. She has lots of friends – and family. But we can handle all of that for her family – we do all the geeky!

Sestra Miller is going to be a great missionary – you can tell from her letters. And she’s going to a beautiful mission!

Huzzah for Sestra Miller – and for all of us, because we can read her letters!

Far-Away Places

Where will you go on a mission? Where did you go? There are so many places.

One of ‘our’ sister missionaries is in Mongolia! She has had many adventures there. You can read about them at .

Sister Cassidy Harmon in Mongolia

Sister Harmon in Mongolia!

That site is an example of the team doing all of the background ‘hosting’ and configuration, but letting the administrator of the site (her sister) take care of the design and look and everything. So we’re functioning as the ‘engine and transmission’, while her sister provides the paint job. And then the letters from Sister Harmon are the …. umm…..I have no idea how to complete this analogy.

But, we’re glad to provide a place for everyone to share in the exciting experiences of Sister Harmon while she serves in Mongolia.

Huzzah for Sister Harmon! Another great missionary blog at

the Team

Welcome to Elder Collings!

Welcome to our newest missionary at : Elder Bridger Collings, serving in the California Arcadia mission. Huzzah for Elder Collings!

You can view his missionary blog: .

His missionary blog site is hosted by – the no-geeky way to share your missionary’s letters!


It’s very easy to get started with your missionary’s blog. We do all of the initial setup with the simple information you provide: your missionary’s name, the mission name, their favorite scripture, and a picture of the missionary.

We’ll then set up your missionary’s site including a nice ‘header’ picture that will appear at the top of the page. We’ll set up a ‘subscription’ process so your friends and family will get notified of a new missionary letter.

Then we’ll give you a special email address. Send an email with your missionary’s letters, include pictures if you want, and send the email to that special address. Within minutes, that letter will be available on your missionary’s web site, and email notifications will be sent out to those that have subscribed.


Contact us with any questions.

The Web Team

We Love Missionaries!

February is a great month for ‘love’ – well, just about any month is.

But for February, if you sign up for your  missionary’s blog, we’ll donate 20% of the signup fee to the Church’s General Missionary Fund.

It’s just a few dollars, but we figure any amount will help someone. Take a look at all the features you get with the various plans. Look at the Top Ten Reasons to get a Missionary Blog. And then Get Started!

It’s all very easy to do – because there is No Geeky Required!

We’re here to help, just Contact Us with any questions.

— the Team

New Cleaner and Easier Theme

We added a new, cleaner theme to the site – the easiest way to share your missionary’s letters with friends and family. This blog site uses that new theme.

You can see that it is much simpler, and easy to read. After all, the important part of the theme is making the entries easier to read.

And you’ll notice that you can read the site on any device, from phone to desktop, without any need for scrolling or zooming the text. (We geeks call that a ‘responsive’ theme.)

We also use the theme on our sample site here: – which looks a lot like this page, since both sites use the same theme.

The big advantage? “No Geeky Required!” We do all the geeky stuff, so all you have to do is post your missionary’s letters. And you can do that with a simple email – so even more “No Geeky Required!”.

Get started now!

the Team

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