Top Ten Reasons

top-ten-reasonsHere’s our Top Ten Reasons to use for a missionary letter blog:

  1. It’s Easy: once things are set up, all you need to do is send an email with your missionary’s letter. You can include pictures if you want. Send it, and it will be posted on your missionary’s site.
  2. It’s Fast: creating a new entry is fast. Adding pictures is fast. Even signing up is fast.
  3. Almost-instant alerts: your family and friends can easily sign up to get an alert when you post a new letter. They’ll get the latest news almost as fast as you posting it.
  4. Private or Public, your choice: if you want only your friends and family to know about the site, then that’s what will happen.
  5. Always available: your missionary’s letters are always available to your friends and family – all of them. If you share via other social media, there’s no guarantee that everyone will be able to see all letters.
  6. It’s cheap: just one low cost to sign up, and you’re good almost forever. No annual costs. Check out our plans.
  7. No geeky required: setting up a blog can be expensive. You can pay over $120/year or more; and that is every year. Our pricing is one-time/one-payment, and cheap. One payment is all you need to get started.
  8. It’s simple: just sign up, and we’ll do all of the geeky stuff – you have more important things to do, like getting the next ‘care package’ ready. You just send an email to add new entries to your missionary’s site.
  9. It’s a book: when your missionary returns home, we’ll gather all of the letters and pictures and publish them in a hardbound book. There’s only a reasonable charge to do that. And you’ll end up with a great memory of your missionary’s service. Take a look at the book.
  10. It Fast and Easy to get started. Take a look at what we provide. And then a very simple signup is all that is needed. We’ll set up your site within 24 hours (and usually faster)!

Get Started Today! And if you have any questions, Contact Us – you’ll get a quick response.

Thanks!  the Team

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